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Requirements for becoming a criminal investigator

In recent years the field of criminal investigations has soared as a job to want.  The field itself is very large and there are a variety of different specialized jobs you may wish to pursue. As a criminal investigator in general, you will be responsible for attempting to solve crimes, examining records and back trails, analyzing evidence, detaining subjects and conducting interviews and searches just to name a few duties.

In order to meet the education requirements an applicant at the very least must have a high school diploma or a GED.  As you attempt to apply to higher ranking positions most bureaus prefer to go with applicants that have bachelor degrees or professionals that have acquired experience in the field.  Keep in mind that most investigators perform lots of lab research, so computer science, biology and chemistry degrees increase your chances.  Any prior security, law enforcement, or military experience is also helpful.

To become a Criminal Investigator, all you need to do is:

  • Attend an accredited university. Check out the accredited universities below to instantly receive information towards being a criminal investigator.
  • Look to gain experience in industries such as insurance, collections, military or law enforcement.
  • Pass the civil service examination go back to USAjobs.gov and start applying for the positions you're interested in.

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